Wildlife at Merlin Farm

Keep a look out during your stay for the resident wildlife who thrive at Merlin Farm due its peaceful and tranquil location.

Here are just some of the animals you may spot during your stay. Hover over the pictures below to find out more about them.

Wild deer live and breed in the surrounding woodland. They can often be seen in the farm lane or grazing on the edge of the woodland our field.

Badgers are nocturnal and can be seen just after dusk in the farm lane or in the field.

Buzzards can be seen hunting over the fields at Merlin Farm by day. Their mewing call could be mistaken for a cat.

Male Pheasants have bright orange chests, green heads and a long tail, the females are brown. Often seen in our field or mingling with our chickens.

Merlin farm is home to the Common Pipistrelle and the Lesser Horseshoe bat. You may be lucky enough for one to flutter past you one evening!

Barn owls live and breed at Merlin Farm every year and can be seen hunting over the fields at Merlin Farm at dusk.

We have a pony - Holly, who is sometimes in the field directly in front of the cottages and loves to be patted and fed carrots and apples.

We also have a few chickens and ducks who can be fed in the morning and evening in their enclosure - we provide children with a jar of poultry feed in their cottage. They are then let out to free range during the middle part of the day around the farm. There are a few geese who we call 'The Merlin Mafia' who are a bit grumpy but luckily they patrol the field on the other side of the guest's fence!