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Meet the animals at Merlin Farm

Merlin Farm is home to many animals and you can see them below. Holly and Horace are often in the field in front of the cottages and love to be fussed over. Sometimes they are kept in a smaller paddock at the top of the farm when they need to go on a diet (they are piggies and eat too much grass). Our farm cat & dog are very friendly but please do not encourage them into your cottage. Click on the pictures to find out more about them.

Our adorable and cuddly donkey who loves to be patted and groomed
Our beautiful cob and Horace's lady friend
Our adorable and friendly farm dog. Loves to be fussed over
Talullah is very lazy and spends most of her time snoozing on the sofa
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Our poultry are below, we have quite a lot of chickens so just a few are below. We provide children with a jar of poultry feed in their cottage so that they can feed the chickens and ducks who can be fed in the morning and evening in their enclosure. They are then let out to free range during the middle part of the day around the farm.

Wildlife at Merlin Farm

Keep a look out during your stay for the resident wildlife who thrive at Merlin Farm due its peaceful and tranquil location.

Click on the picture to find out more about the animals

Our wild deer family live and breed in the woodland at Merlin Farm. They can often be seen in the farm lane or grazing on the edge of the woodland in the field early morning or in the evening.
These animals are nocturnal, medium-sized mammals with longish bodies carried on short legs and a long stripy snout. They can be seen just after dusk in the farm lane or in the field. In the Autumn they visit a lot to eat the windfall apples in our orchard.
The buzzards can be seen hunting over the fields at Merlin Farm by day. Their mewing call could be mistaken for a cat.
They breed in nearby Carnanton Woods but like to visit Merlin Farm and mingle with the chickens and eat their food! The Males are very beautiful and have bright orange chests, green heads and a long tail, the females are brown.
There are two species of bats residing in the various habitat boxes located around the farm. The Common Pipistrelle, one of the UK's most common bats the rare Lesser Horseshoe bat. If you are lucky enough one may flutter past you one evening
The Barn Owls
Our owls live and breed here every year and can be seen hunting over the fields at Merlin Farm at dusk. This picture was taken by one of our guests.
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